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This web site contains information and links relating to radiation hybrid mapping.
For background information describing how radiation hybrids
and RH maps are constructed, please refer to the bibliography.
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RH Panel Descriptions

RH Mapping Projects On-line

RH Mapping Servers and Database

Computer Programs for RH Mapping

Selected Bibliography

Description of Available Whole-Genome RH Panels

Species Panel name/Production Lab
(Click for RHdb entry)
Reference Availability
HumanGenebridge 49330%10 Mb3,000 Gyapay et al., 1996Research Genetics
HumanStanford G38318%4 Mb10,000Stewart et al., 1997Research Genetics
HumanStanford TNG49016%800 kb50,000Beasley et al., 1997, ASHG abstract #1338Research Genetics
MouseGoodfellow T3110028%9.8 Mb3,000McCarthy et al., 1998Research Genetics
RatGoodfellow T5510627%-3,000-Research Genetics
CowWomack-50009028%-5,000 Womack et al., 1997James Womack
CowWomack-12000180--12,000 -James Womack
9428%-3,000Williams et al., 2000, ISAG abstract #A017 Research Genetics
PigIMpRH (INRA/University of Minnesota)11827%-6-7,000Yerle et al., 1998Martine Yerle or
Larry Shook
PigGoodfellow T4394in production-3,000-Research Genetics or Alan Archibald
ZebrafishGoodfellow T519418%6.1 Mb3,000 Kwok et al., 1999
Research Genetics
ZebrafishEkker LN549322%-4-5,000Hukriede et al., 1999Marc Ekker
DogRHDF-500012621%-5,000Vignaux et al, 1999CNRS
DogGoodfellow T729224%-3,000-Research Genetics
CatCat-5000, NCI9339%-5,000Murphy et al., 1999 Bill Murphy
BaboonGoodfellow T259322-25%-3,000-Research Genetics
HorseGoodfellow TM999428%- 3,000Kiguwa et al., 2000Research Genetics
MacaqueMacaque-5000, NCI9333%- 5,000Murphy et al., 2001Bill Murphy

RH Mapping Projects On-line

Listed here are genome-wide RH mapping projects with Web sites open now or under development.
The focus, content, and panel used for each map varies.
Species Group/Mapping information Panel used Reference Mapping Server/Database
Human GENEMAP 99
RH Mapping Consortium
Human Transcript Map
G3, GB4 Deloukas et al., 1998 Sanger Center
RH server
Human Whitehead/MIT GB4 Hudson et al., 1995 MIT RH server
Human Stanford Human Genome Center G3,TNG Stewart et al., 1997; Olivier et al, 2001 SHGC RH server
Human Genethon GB4 Gyapay et al., 1996-
Human Wellcome Trust Center for Human Genetics GB4 --
Human The Sanger Center G3,GB4 - -
Human NCBI G3,GB4 Agarwala et al., 2000 -
Mouse Whitehead/MIT T31 Van Etten et al., 1999 MIT AutoRHMAPPER
Canine The Canine Radiation Hybrid Mapping Project
Galibert Group - CNRS
RHDF-5000 Priat et al., 1998-
Rat Bihoreau & James, Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, Oxford, UK Goodfellow T55 Watanabe et al., 1999 -
Rat Watanabe group
at Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co, Japan
Goodfellow T55 Watanabe et al., 1999 Otsuka server
Rat H. Jacob lab
at Medical College of Wisconsin
Goodfellow T55 Steen R et al, 1999orPubMed entry MCW server
Zebrafish Geisler group
at Tuebingen
Goodfellow T51 Geisler et al. Zebrafish server
Zebrafish Dawid group at
Ecker 4-5000 Maps in production Zebrafish server
Pig Laboratoire de Genetique Cellulaire,INRA,France
and team of
Larry Schook and Craig Beattie at
U. Minnesota, St Paul
IMpRHHawken et al., 1999IMpRH server
Cow Band, Womack, Lewin at Univ. of Illinois and Texas A&M Womack-5000,comparative maps Band et al., 2000 BovBase
Cat Laboratory of Genomic Diversity
National Cancer Institute
Cat-5000, NCI Murphy et al., 2000LGD
HorseKiguwa et al, Cambridge Goodfellow T99 Kiguwa et al., 2000 HorseBase

RH Mapping Servers and Databases

The servers allow you to submit RH scores for one or more markers and the server either
places the submitted markers on their own framework maps, or maps your markers relative to each other.
Results are returned to you by e-mail or web page.