This application allows the prioritization of genes within schizophrenia candidate gene regions (SCRs), specifically within subregions, by assigning weights to various parameters specified below. The genetic locations of the SCRs were projected onto the high resolution Rutgers third-generation combined linkage-physical map (Rutgers Map v.3). You may change the weights assigned to the different parameters and indicate the cut-off based on the weights before running SchizPrioritizer.

The values of x for the SCR subregions below correspond to the maximum -log10(p-values) that we have calculated from our simulations as part of our smoothing method. A higher value of x corresponds to a higher LOD score obtained from our integrated analysis of 47 independent genomewide linkage scans for SZ. "Outside" a specific genetic element (e.g., segmental duplication), includes region 10kb upstream or downstream of that element. The percentage (%) cut-off will be used to determine the exact cut-off score for the genes that will be included in the output file. This means that if other genes below the percentage cut-off have the same overall score as the gene at the cut-off %, we will include those genes in the results page.

Note: This page is still under construction. This will be available soon.

SCR Subregions (x = -log10(p-value); class size=0.2988):
   Class 1: 2.1397 ≤ x
   Class 2: 1.8409 ≤ x < 2.1397
   Class 3: 1.5421 ≤ x < 1.8409
   Class 4: 1.2433 ≤ x < 1.5421
   Class 5: 0.9445 ≤ x < 1.2433
   Class 6: 0.6457 ≤ x < 0.9445
   Class 7: 0.3469 ≤ x < 0.6457
Annotated at SZGene (association studies and meta-analyses)
   where ratio = positive results / negative results:
   Without a negative result
     At least five positive results
     One to four positive results
   At least one negative result
     At least ten positive results and ratio ≥ 5.00
     At least two positive results and ratio ≥ 5.00
     At least five positive results when ratio ≤ 5.00
     Without a positive result but annotated at SZGene
Differentially Expressed Genes in SZ Microarray Studies:
   Significant result and validated
   Nominal significance
   Have SZ as one of its phenotypes
   Have an associated phenotype aside from SZ
Structural Variations:
   Segmental Duplications (SDs)
     Within SDs
     Outside SDs
   Copy Number Variations (CNVs)
     Within CNVs
     Outside CNVs
   Rearrangement Hotspots
     Within hotspots
     Outside hotspots
Regulatory Elements (CpG Islands, ORegAnno REs, TargetScan miRNA
    regulatory sites, HMR Conserved TF binding sites, Vista enhancers):
   Within Regulatory Regions
   Outside Regulatory Regions
Functional Noncoding RNAs (miRNAs):
   Within miRNAs
   Outside miRNAs

Cut-off (specify the top % genes that will be used to determine the cut-off score):  

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