This schizophrenia candidate gene region (SCR) was defined by the smoothing method with the presence of a global event with global p<0.05 that was detected by the disjoint approach. This SCR has no significant hit but has 5 suggestive hits. Some genomic characteristics of SCR 3q26.1-3q29 are shown in the tables below.

Genetic and physical locations of SCR 3q26.1-3q29.

Start End Size
Genetic Position (cM) 169.8 223.8 54.0 cM
Physical Position (bp) 165826391 197482405 31656014 bp
Marker D3S4555 D3S2320

Gene Records within SCR 3q26.1-3q29.

Known Genes211
Predicted Genes114
Total Number of Genes325

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