SCR Search Tool

This application allows the determination of genetic markers implicated in schizophrenia (SZ) based on published SZ genome-wide scans. It utilizes the positions on the Rutgers second-generation combined linkage-physical map (Rutgers map v.2). It allows you to determine the implicated markers near a genetic location (cM) or physical position (bp) of interest. Furthermore, it indicates whether any of the markers nearby are within the SCRs.

Your query may either be a single point [i.e., 100.0 (for genetic location) or 100000000 (for physical position)] or a region [e.g., 100..200 (for genetic range) or 100000000..110000000 (for physical range)]. Use two dots to indicate regions. You may also indicate the maximum distance upstream and downstream of the position or region of interest.

After entering the values, click "Get Nearby Markers" to obtain the results. Click on "Start Over" to clear entries.


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