Coordinating Center for PAGE II

Principal Investigators:
Rutgers University: Tara Matise, Ph.D., Steven Buyske, Ph.D. (co-PIs)
Information Sciences Institute/USC: Jose Luis Ambite, Ph.D. (PI of subcontract)
Stanford University: Carlos D. Bustamante, Ph.D. (PI of subcontract)

Drs. Matise and Buyske will lead the coordinating center (CC) for PAGE II, drawing on their experience as the CC for PAGE I. Dr. Ambite and colleagues at ISI/USC support data integration, management, and dissemination as well as development and implementation of scientific workflows. Dr. Bustamante and colleagues at Stanford University will develop and implement tools for association analyses in mixed-ethnicity populations. The CC organizes group discussions and meetings, facilitates collaborations, performs genotype imputation and ancestry deconvolution, manages the QC, integration, and dissemination of individual- and summary-level data, and oversees the logistics of the PAGE study. The CC team members bring expertise in population, statistical, and quantitative human genetics, computer science, genome sequencing and bioinformatics. The CC’s combined expertise will help to keep PAGE II focused on understanding the global relevance of disease-associated alleles across diverse human populations.

The CC organizational framework reflects the substantial collective knowledge and experience our team has from working interactively with large multi-site collaborative research programs. The CC has five expertise cores, each of which has a designated director(s) but will have input from multiple CC personnel. All members of the CC team have strengths and experience relevant for multiple Cores. The Data Management Core, led by Dr. Jose Luis Ambite (USC/ISI), will focus on collection, databasing, integration, harmonization and synthesis, and dissemination of the PAGE data. The Population and Statistical Genomics Core, led by Drs. Bustamante and Sabatti (Stanford), will focus on ancestry/admixture deconvolution and multi-ethnic gene mapping. The Bioinformatics and Analysis Core, led by Dr. Buyske (Rutgers), will focus on SNP annotation, genotype calling, imputation and quality control The Cyberinfrastructure and Workflow Core, led by Dr. Deelman (USC/ISI), will manage the CC computing resources including our web/FTP/wiki site and webtools as well as implementation of scientific workflows to facilitate computing. And finally, the Administrative Core, led by Dr. Matise (Rutgers), will handle communications, meetings, teleconferences, documents, reports, and other PAGE logistics.

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