Human and Mouse Gene Catalogue

If you use any of the gene lists below, please please cite:

Nato, AQ and Matise, TC. 2012. Human and Mouse Gene Catalogue. [Date accessed].

As part of our project on schizophrenia candidate gene regions, we have created files containing gene information by parsing flat files from NCBI. We have realized the importance of having this type of file since we have also utilized these files in our collaborative projects (e.g., devQTL). Moreover, some of our colleagues also asked if we have files containing information for each gene so we decided to make it publicly available. These files contain 16 columns having the following headers:

The indicated status of the genes in these files are based on the RefSeqs maintained within the annotated genomes (main reference assemblies). The status of a RefSeq that is maintained independently of the annotated genome or is in the process of being mapped into the annotated genome may therefore be different from the status indicated for a particular gene within these flat files. With regard to the physical positions, these flat files have been converted to offset 1.

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