CRI-MAP-PVM Distribution

We have developed a version of the CRI-MAP computer program for genetic likelihood computations that runs CRI-MAP's FLIPS and ALL functions in parallel on a distributed network of workstations. The performance of CRI-MAP-PVM was assessed in several linkage analyses using the FLIPS option of CRI-MAP on a map of 85 microsatellite markers for human chromosome 1. These analyses showed excellent speedup and efficiency and low distribution overhead. In addition, we have adapted the MultiMap program for automated construction of linkage maps to use CRI-MAP-PVM. These improvements significantly reduce the time required to compare likelihoods of different marker orders. Thus, the construction of linkage maps can proceed in a more timely fashion, in keeping with recent advances in genotyping technology.

Please use the following reference for CRI-MAP-PVM: Matise TC, Schroeder MD, Chiarulli DM, Weeks DE. (1995). Parallel computation of genetic likelihoods using CRI-MAP, PVM, and a network of distributed workstations. Human Heredity 45:103-116.

If you have any questions, send e-mail to Dan Weeks or Tara C. Matise.

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