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If you use these maps please cite one of our papers:

Rutgers Map v2 (second generation): Matise, TC et al. 2007. A second-generation combined linkage
     physical map of the human genome.
Genome Res 17:1783-6.

Rutgers Map v3 (third generation): Nato, AQ, Buyske, S, and Matise, TC. 2014 (in prep). The Rutgers
     Map: A third-generation combined linkage-physical map of the human genome.

GRCh37.3 (GRCh37 patch 5) June 2012 (current version of Rutgers Map v.3)

Note: Latest release of Rutgers Map v.3 includes the interpolated positions (Kosambi) of dbSNP Build 137 reference SNPs and UniSTS markers from Build 37.3 (GRCh37.p5). If your analysis requires interpolated positions based on the Haldane map function, download

GRCh37.2 (GRCh37 patch 4) Aug 2011 (first release of Rutgers Map v.3)

Build 36 Sep 2007 (Rutgers Map v.2; 28,121 markers)

Build 35.1 Dec 2004

Build 34 Nov 2004

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